RCMP 150th Anniversary Promotion

Mark your calendars! Special offer coming soon.

Celebrate the RCMP
with our
150th Anniversary Promotion

Along with our wishes for a happy, healthy Christmas season, we thank you for your past, enthusiastic participation in
Pillars of the Force in support of the RCMP Heritage Centre.

The Princess Royal Walk is fast becoming a living legacy and you have been a predominant factor in its launch and growth. As we begin the 150th Anniversary year of the RCMP, we launching a special promotional opportunity to build on the foundation you helped establish.

Starting today, December 23rd, you can stake your claim with our special promotional offer. For the next 150 days when you add your friend, family member, or troop mate’s name to a nameplate or brick you will receive each additional nameplate or brick for $150 off

This is a great offer for families, troops, or detachment group gifts. By claiming a brick on the RCMP Heritage Centre’s Princess Royal Walk or a nameplate on one of its 21 pillars, you help ensure that the legacy of those who served continues and that their stories are told for generations to come.

This special offer will run for 150 days – ending on May 23rd, 2023.




Stake Your Claim