President’s Tour of “H” Division Detachments

Travels in Nova Scotia

Hello All Association Members,

On November 19th., I returned from two days travelling with our Nova Scotia Support and Advocacy Coordinators visiting detachments along the south shore of Nova Scotia. 11 Detachments over two days and needless to say I was quite tired when I arrived home last night.

The purpose of the visits was to let detachment members know we, as Veterans, have their backs and respect what they are doing.

The project included the delivery of Mountie Moose stuffed plush toys dressed in red tunics, Stetsons, etc. for use when detachment members are in situations involving traumatized children and some have been deployed with great success already.

Our individual association members purchased enough so two could be hand delivered to the 52 detachments in the Province and we finished #45 late yesterday. So many Individual NS members purchased the Moose Mounties to donate that there is a sufficient reserve on hand to replace any that have been donated.

Some of the detachments we visited are deeply involved in the lobster fishing dispute and one in particular, Meteghan is where the hot spot is located and currently there is a substantial number of members from other provinces there to help out when things get bad again, perhaps in a week or so.

It was really interesting to talk to so many current members and it certainly provided me with a vision on what direction the Veterans Association needs to take for the next few years.

Our sessions at each location included lengthy discussions on the various support mechanisms in place and it became very clear that the RCMP may not be communicating this valuable information to the rank and file.

Many had no idea there is such a thing as Veterans Affairs pensions for injuries suffered during service and of equal importance, the consequential afflictions that inevitably occur as one ages.

The message was clear to me.

Our priority as a Veterans Association is to develop a nation-wide “Support” program with expertise developed within all 30 Veterans Divisions.

As you are aware, Jim Brown and his wife Carol have been tasked with this important goal. Here in Nova Scotia we take this for granted since we have established a formal program with trained counsellors located within every Region of the Province.

Unfortunately, this is not the case throughout Canada and it’s very apparent we need to help Divisions without a program get this done. It was a bit disturbing hearing of the misinformation circulating throughout the Force relating to the VAC Pension program but it was most gratifying to see the serving members eyes become wide open as the process and truths were explained.

I really want to say I believe, based on the members I met with, there remain a great number of dedicated and motivated members out there but most believe they need more support, especially in response to the negative media comments.

I also want to give a strong “hats off” to Steve Mills and his group of fighters from the Division’s South Shore Region who are no longer letting the press and talk shows get away with misinformation and other falsehoods. That team now challenges the nonsense and it’s about time. That’s one thing we, as an Association, can do all across Canada without fear of being fired or suffering pay cuts. We can speak out while the serving members cannot.

For those of you who believe we do not have a vision for the future then take a look at what Jim Brown’s mandate is along with the newly established roles of Secretariat members. Digest what I have just said and understand the true benefit of the Association is to provide support for our fellow members.

Yes, social gatherings and fellowship is very important but that is mostly a Division role to develop. We, as the Association BOD will be passing on the corporate message and if our motto “Members Helping Members” is true, then we know what our priorities are.

Nova Scotia formed the Support and Advocacy program around 2011 when membership was about 350. Since the formation of the S&A program that number has grown to over 900 and I truly believe that is the true driver for increasing membership.

As for serving members joining as Associates and eventually moving to the full Active status, I am confident NS will see quite a few new Associate serving members over the next six months now that they have the message.

I also want to add I saw the latest version of “Blue Line Magazine” at every Detachment I attended with our Association message displayed proudly within.

Sandy Glenn
RCMP Veterans’ Association




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