Pension Computer Portal

Pension Computer Portal

Dear Members of the Association

Past President and Director Steve Walker has provided some rather interesting news on the pension front.

We have learned from Karen Favereau, who is a policy analyst with the Force attached to the National Compensation Services branch that the Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) are in the process of developing a retiree pension portal.

The portal will be designed so that individual retirees from the RCMP, Public Service and Canadian Armed Forces would have direct computer access to their pension account.

In order to get RCMP retiree input on the design of the portal, PSPC has created a callout letter and mini questionnaire in order to establish a pool of retirees interested in providing input. From those who respond to say they are interested, a sample size representing retirees at different stages of retirement and from different locations across Canada will be selected and will be contacted for an interview.

The plan envisaged is that our Association would email a callout letter to retirees. The callout letter asks those who are interested in providing input to contact PSPC (it provides a direct contact person). From there, the retiree would contact PSPC directly; RCMPVA and Pension Services would have no further involvement in the interview process.

This message is designed to alert you that very shortly the callout letter will be sent to all our members.

You may rest assured that there need be no concerns about security with this message.

Director Walker and Karen Favereau have both observed that this is a huge step forward in providing information about pensions to our retirees and reflects the growing trend of transparency that we are seeing in many government agencies.

James Forrest
Director of Communications




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