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Dear Members of the Association,

Every so often we come across tidbits of information involving the Force that are not always well known.

Here then are some of them.

In the Did You Know Department we have,

Did you know that renowned jazz singer, Diana Krall has a sister, Michelle who served in the Force?

Forger’s Tools: RCMP Constable Michelle Krall Inspects silkscreen frames – used to fabricate bogus passports – that were given to her by (Toronto) star reporters.



Then there is Terry Reynolds.  Did you know that Terry is the brother of actor Ryan Reynolds?  Terry is also a member of the Force.

And, in an interesting fashion statement of tucked boots…

Princess Diana with trouser
into boot and a cap making a
fashion statement

Princess Diana at the polo
in 1988

James Forrest
Director of Communications



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