NWMP – Boer War

Photograph of Canadians in Action During the Boer War




Veteran Ric Hall discovered an excellent historical article on the involvement and achievements contributed by members of the North West Mounted Police (NWMP) in the Boer War.



The article is entitled “Effective Leadership In Counter-Insurgency: The North-West Mounted Police in South Africa – 1899 – 1902” and was written by Kenneth Grad.  Noted article is posted on the Canadian Armed Forces website.

As the article points out that the British Forces in Boer War were not achieving the victories they had hoped for.  The two regiments consisting of NWMP members had experience dealing with counter-insurgency during the North-West Rebellion.  Consequently, they achieved many successes in battle.

As a result of their actions and successes in the Boer War, their return trip to Canada was diverted so that they could be reviewed by the King Edward VIII.  Many medals were awarded to the NWMP members who served in the Boer War including the Victoria Cross.  It is suggested that because of their actions in South Africa and contributions to settling the Canadian Northwest that the word “Royal” was added to Force’s name.

Check out Kenneth Grad’s story.