New Book: Obstruction Of Justice

Photo of RCMP Veteran Ray Michalko




A new book has been written and now published on the “Highway of Tears” called “Obstruction Of Justice” by RCMP Veteran Ray Michalko.






The Highway of Tears” is a lonely seven hundred kilometer stretch of road that winds through the Coast Mountains wilderness of British Columbia. Over the last four decades, nine young women have been murdered or gone missing from this remote highway. All but one were Aboriginal. To date, not one case has been solved.

Fuelled by frustration with the police’s inability to solve any of these crimes, inspired by the belief that someone somewhere knew something, and driven by his inexplicable personal commitment, ex-RCMP turned private eye, Ray Michalko embarked on a life-altering journey to unlock the secrets of these cases. In the process, Ray discovered as much about the crimes as he did the reasons they’ve gone unsolved.

From the police to the church, to residential schools to the reservation, racism to the thickets of bureaucracy, bad-asses to an Angel, Ray Michalko walks right onto the Highway of Tears and reveals the cases through the eyes of a PI – first-hand and from the ground up. Here is a gritty, unconventional, and often infuriating account of Canada’s murdered and missing women tragedy in microcosm. It’s part of a story we all need to know.

Ray Michalko is an ex-member of the RCMP who now works as a licensed Private Investigator in British Columbia. Ray has spent over nine years working pro bono on the Highway of Tears cases all the while gaining the trust and respect of victims’ families and the scattered communities that have been impacted by these crimes. Ray has worked on investigations throughout Canada and the US; located two kid- napped children in Nicaragua and helped arrange their return to Canada; and conducted surveillance and tracked property assets in Costa Rica. He lives in Surrey, BC. ”

According to Ray “I undstand that “Obstruction of Justice” is now available online at Amazon, in a number of book stores, like Barnes & Noble, Chapters and some Costco Stores.

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