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From Nova Scotia Division

Dear Association Members,

Nova Scotia Division President, Brian Carter has asked that the following message be distributed to all Association members.

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association

Please pass on this message nationally to all our veterans.

I want to thank the entire RCMP Veterans family from across the country for your ongoing support to all of us here in Nava Scotia.

As we all collectively know, tragic incidents like this affect all of us, retired and serving. It is so important that we support each other in times like this because we are different than those who have never served. That is the foundation of this organization, support and assistance for each other.

The day of the incident I sent out the message below to the Nova Scotia Vets.

  • Hi Everyone: I hope everyone is well. By now you have all seen the news. Today is a tragic day in Nova Scotia and we have lost one of our serving members, Heidi Stevenson. We also had another member injured in today’s events. I knew Heidi from Cole Harbour Detachment, many years ago. I know we are all suffering from this loss, as well as the loss of countless others, on this day. Please talk to each other and reach out to friends and other vets at this time of grief. Stay strong. I have reached out to the CO’s office this afternoon offering our condolences and support to the Force. I also offered any services that we can help the Force with during this massive and lengthy investigation. Again, please stay strong everyone and be safe.

Since then, there has been ongoing support from all of you everywhere.

We thank you for that support. Many of us are experiencing mixed emotions over this incident; depression, anger and anxiety. These are normal emotions but we need to continue to support each other.

Over the past two days and into the future there will second guessing by the media and others.

We actually have already gone from Hero to Zero in less time than the incident took to transpire.

The focus is now on why the Nova Scotia Emergency Alert System was not used to inform people.

The answer to that is for the Force to provide.

We must endure both the praise and the negative from these incidents as we do while serving and in retirement.

We need to stay positive and I assure you, that as more information becomes available to us, we all will be immensely proud of the actions of our members and especially those who encountered the suspect.

The courage that was displayed will not only make you proud but will inspire you. The Force is in good hands with the current generation, as it has been in the past.

Again, thank you for all your support and encouragement and remember to focus on the positives from the actions and dedication of the members of the Force.

Remember that we are different than others in society as Veterans, as we have done and seen a lot of things in our service that most cannot understand.

It is so important that we support each other always and reach out to other Veterans, in our Association or not, and lend a helping and supportive hand.

Brian Carter
President Nova Scotia Division
RCMP Veterans Association



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