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Our New Membership Management System

Dear Members of the Association,

As you will be aware we are developing a new membership management system for the Association.

And, as has been previously noted, our contractor for this project is Barrie, Ont., – based Signal Flare Media Company.

Signal Flare have asked that we distribute the following message to ensure that all members are up to speed on where the project is headed.

The memorandum from Signal Flare follows.

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association

RCMPVA Membership

As part of our commitment to you, the membership, we are refreshing our online presence and our administrative capabilities.

As part of this initiative, our first focus, is the membership management system.

Why the change?
  • Privacy considerations have been addressed, in this endeavor, which were necessary for compliance with federal privacy legislation to insure the highest level of security for member information.
  • It will allow us to automate processes and alleviate issues that have been identified through reports we have received through the divisions and our reviews.
  • Standardized data entry and consistency o To conform with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and the Canada Not for Profit Corporations Act o Accounting and financial integration including change management
  • Improved administrative workflow o Improved internal communications o Improved reporting (financial, status, and other detailed reports will be made available to the divisions).

Our service provider can create custom reports for divisions on any data combination they require. While transparent to the membership, this system will garner greater efficiencies and be of benefit to all.

What are the changes?
  • To enable consistency, member information will be managed centrally by our service provider.
  • Support will be available to members having issues, during normal business hours.
  • All members must register online and accept the privacy policy to insure compliance with Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and the Canada Not for Profit Corporations Act.
  • Members can renew their membership dues and purchase the Quarterly online.
  • Membership dues, including renewals, must be made online or by cheque.
  • All cheques must be from the individual member and sent to the association office. The payment will be attributed to the online registration. Receipts will be provided.
  • An encrypted card vault, will allow members who choose to use it, ease of access during renewals.
  • The system allows for members to access their information online in a portal. They can self-manage information (address, phone, email, awards, rank on discharge, etc.).
  • Members will be sent renewal reminders automatically.
  • Only paid or payment exempt members will have access to the private members area.
  • A committee meetings calendar will be available
  • In the private members portal, a calendar of events will be available to be used by divisions. Functions will include:
    • Event registration
    • Event online payment I.E. Golf Tournaments, etc
    • An event feed will post upcoming events without members having to access the calendar
New System Features:
Online new member registration
Member information self-management
Community events calendar
Member directory
  • New members can easily apply for membership and pay online. Applications will be vetted by the division and the new member will be given access to the RCMPVA Portal.
Online store
  • Members will be able to purchase their subscription to The Quarterly online Secure RCMPVA member portal This area is exclusive to the current membership of the RCMPVA and is accessed by login that is provided at the time of acceptance into the association.
Membership Renewal
  • Existing members can go online and renew their membership with ease.
  • Reminders will be automatically sent out during renewal time and receipts provided immediately. To make it even easier, if you wish to store your payment information, the system will send you a message informing you of the upcoming billing and send you a receipt when it is processed.
  • If you are moving or your phone number is changing, members will be able to log in and change their contact information online.
Committee meeting calendar
  • Division and national committee and sub-committee meetings all organized in one space.
Member events calendar
  • Events exclusive to the membership, either divisional or national, can be posted here. If there is a paid event such as a golf tournament the system can help with registration.
  • This calendar is to advertise community events that are not for members only, but may be of interest to other local members so they can attend and help spread the word (fishing tournament, concerts, etc.). · Event Feed o An event feed will post upcoming events without members having to access the calendar
  • Available only to the division and national executive, a secure online directory of the membership will be made available to certain members of each executive.
  • The directory can be used to contact the membership right from the member portal.

More communications will follow as we close in on the launch date.



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