Membership Management System Launch

Membership Management System (MMS) Launch

Dear Members of the Association,

Our MMS contractor, Signal Flare has prepared a preliminary system launch notification message which follows.

This message is further to the earlier Process message which described how the system would handle new member applications and dues renewals.

There are more details of what to expect with the new system in this message which you will find helpful.

Please note the January 25th., launch date and that the features described in this message will not become operational until the launch date and time.

Also to be noted is the fact that all members will receive an email in conjunction with the launch providing further instructions on logging into the new system.

You will also see the note in the Signal Flare message regarding how current the data is in individual accounts. The currency of the accounts has been a major effort on the part of Signal Flare and our accounting officer, Brenda Picklyk drawing data from the current database system and the Association accounting system (Sage). It is still a work in progress and as data is received from our Divisions it is being incorporated into the new system. Thus not all individual accounts are up to date but will be made so pending receipt of information from our Divisions.

James Forrest
Director of Communications




To All Members of the RCMPVA

We will be launching the new Membership Management system on Monday, January 25th, 2021 at 0800hrs.

Existing members will receive an email with a link to the members only area of the site with instructions.

Please follow the link and change your password and keep it in a safe place.

Once logged in, you will have access to functions contained within the system.

System Features:

  • Member Profile Update (for self-managing your information)
  • Change your password
  • Add and manage your picture (optional)
  • Edit your contact information and contact consent
  • Edit your address
  • Manage and select your payment method
  • Edit your next of kin and emergency contact information
  • Manage your service record
  • Access your financial record and invoices
  • View your participation history for registered events

Member Renewal (for renewing your membership)

The following features are available within this function,

  • View any outstanding invoices (click on more info for details in this area)
  • Select your method of payment
  • Pay using a secured payment gateway

Calendars (3 calendars are available)

Events can be submitted for posting on the calendars.

    • Member event calendar (for events specific to RCMPVA members)
    • Committee meeting calendar (for RCMPVA committees)
    • Community event calendar (for no RCMPVA events of interest in your local area)

Members only pages

These pages will be used for content related to association activities.

Process Changes and Payments (What this means to you)


We are asking that all members utilize the new system to renew.

We are asking that you update your personal information on the site.

Payments (once the system is in place, all payments must be made prior to the RCMPVA date of record (Dec 31st) to ensure continued access). Please note that during this transition period we have been advised that the date of record to accommodate these changes will be extended as appropriate.

Payments that are made online will immediately update the system and give you continued access.

Payments made by cheque should be sent to:

RCMP Veterans’ Association
P.O. Box 8900
Canadian Police College
1 Sandridge Road
Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 3J2

Payments by E-transfer should be sent to:

Clearly indicate to which division you want the funds applied to and include your regimental number.

Note: All payments made by cheque or E-transfer involve manual processes (mail, manual input) and will create a lag between the time that you have paid and the time your payment information is posted in the system.

Online payment by credit card is the preferred method for continued access.

Special Note:

This is a dynamic time and during our transition we are working hard to input all of the renewals that have been submitted. If you access your profile and don’t see your payment, don’t worry. It just means that we are updating the records. If you can’t access your record or didn’t receive an email, please contact us at the address below and we’ll fix it for you.


We are here to help. We realize that some members may have issues working online and we have asked the divisions to assist any members that may require help.

Should you have any questions or concerns or require assistance with the new system please contact us by email at:

This is a busy time, but we should get back to you within a business day.


Following launch, to access your member account please visit www.rcmpva.organd login.

New applicants

New applications for both full membership and/or associate membership will be found at

Please note that privacy and security are a priority, so all information has been secured in storage, transit and through policy during use by the RCMPVA.


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