Membership Director for the Association

Subject: Seeking your assistance to identify a Membership Director for the Association.

Sent on behalf of Sandra Conlin

Division Presidents

I am providing this message to you to seek your assistance in finding a suitable member from your collective divisions to take on a critical role as our Membership Director and fill the vacant Directors position on the Association Board of Directors.   We are sending this message to a select group of Division presidents to seek your insight while also looking to increase representation on the Board of Directors from your divisions.

We continue to reach out to have access to the wisdom and experience of our membership from across the Association be part of the Board of Directors.  These diverse voices provide insight we do not always have access to and allow us to make better decisions for all of the Association with more diverse input.  We would like to have more insight from your divisions and we feel a director appointed from one of your divisions will increase representation on the Board of Directors, and allow us to fill the vacant position for the reminder of the position’s tenure (AGM of 2025). This circumstance might allow for some to consider this opportunity, who is hesitant to make the three-year commitment to a BoD position.

As you are aware, the Membership Director for the Association BOD is presently vacant.  As Membership is a main priority for all of us, it is imperative to fill this position asap.  The Association needs the person in the Membership Directors position to be highly motivated and focused in seeing the membership of our Association grow.  Our Membership Director will work with our Divisional Membership Coordinators to further develop and implement a coordinated action plan that considers the diverse needs of our divisions to allow us all to have direct involvement to deliver on this priority.

Garry Loeppky and Bob Ellergodt did some amazing work in getting the pamphlets and posters done during their tenure, but now we need to take these tools and engage our membership and others in doing more outreach to potential Association members.  There is a lot more work to be done.

The opportunity to have a member of your Division as part of the Association’s BOD will provide positives for the Association, the BoD, the Division and the member.  Should you have a member of your Division that is willing to take on this role, please submit their name to Bob Byers at    who will follow up with the member to assess their ability take on the Membership Directors role as part of the Board of Directors. He will then follow up with you and the board and make recommendations to the BoD for next steps.

Thank you for giving this critical need your time and attention.

Sandra Conlin
Association President

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