Lytton Fire Support Fund for RCMP Members

Lytton Fire Support Fund for RCMP Members

Dear Members,

Please be advised that this account will be closed as of the 31 October, 2021 and the remaining funds in the amount of $3452.25 will be distributed equally to the recipients. On behalf of the Kamloops RCMPVA Division members and all the serving members, Public Servants, Veterans and Widows, I would like to thank all the RCMPVA Divisions, RCMPVA Foundation, individual members, serving members and friends for their very much appreciated contributions to this very necessary and worthy cause. To date the Fund has distributed $74,350.00 to the 10 recipients and it is because you care that this project was so successful.

We all thank you!

In addition I would like to give a very special thankyou to our very hard working and knowledgeable treasurer, Ken Parent.

It was a mountain of a job setting up the account, receiving and depositing and then distributing.

Thanks Ken. We owe you!

Bob Stephens,
V/P & Advocate,
RCMPVA, Kamloops Division
Kamloops, BC


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