Long Service Badges and Bars for 2019

Ric Hall, Director – Membership, has been attempting to contact those members who qualify for their Long Service Badge and Bar, commencing with 30 years and up to 50 years, with the Vancouver Division of the RCMP Veterans’ Association.   Below is a list of those entitled to a Badge and Bar in 2019.  Those highlighted in yellow have not returned e-mail messages or telephone messages to Ric to indicate how they wish to receive their Long Service Badge and Bar.  It can be presented at one of the General Meetings. Many, due to medical reasons, ask to have it sent via mail or have someone bring it to them personally at their residence.   Ric hopes, through this posting, that those who have not been in touch with him can let him know how they wish to receive their pins.  Perhaps a friend may notice an individual’s name, that is highlighted on the list below, make contact with them and let Ric know. Ric Hall can be contacted at 604-853-5500 or via e-mail at rshall69@shaw.ca.