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Wear Red in Support of the Force

Dear Association Members,

President Walker has provided the following broadcast that was sent out by the National Police Federation (NPF) in support of the members of the Force in the face of media criticism of the members involved in the investigation in Nova Scotia.

Please let everybody know that this is happening. It is very important that the Nova Scotia members be aware that they have our support.

The english and french versions are in sequence rather than parallel.

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association

April 23, 2020

Fellow Members,

We know this is a hard week and we are all looking for ways to honour Constable Heidi Stevenson and support her family, as well as her injured colleague who is also our valued Member, particularly in the absence of a funeral or opportunity to gather.

We and members of the public from coast to coast to coast thank our members across Canada, and particularly in Nova Scotia, for your ongoing commitment and dedication during this difficult time. We are with you and we have your back, 20,000 strong.

Below is an update on how we’re responding to criticism and progress on our Wear Red Friday national day of mourning in partnership with the RCMP, below.

Responding to Media and Public Criticism:

We are aware of recent media and public criticism of our colleagues in Nova Scotia. NPF is responding to this assertively [MEDIA STATEMENT], citing the importance of respect for the ongoing investigation and for our many Members involved in the incident who put their lives on the line to protect the public.

Memorial Initiatives – Local Member Moments of Silence and Wear Red Friday

We have now partnered with the RCMP on Wear Red Friday this Friday, April 24. As promised, we wanted to follow-up with a bit more information on memorial initiatives for Members wishing to participate in a way that is unique from the public.

In consultation with the Corps Sergeant Major, the following has been agreed:

  • Members who are on duty and at work are encouraged to stop and observe a moment of silence at 1400hrs Atlantic (1000hrs Pacific) in Service Order #1. This can be in front of your Detachment or beside your cruiser in the middle of Canada.
  • Gatherings at workplaces are not to exceed 5 people, including a piper if available, and preference should be given to those who worked with or were troopmates of Cst. Stevenson.
  • Members who are on Regular Time Off, teleworking or on any other form of Leave are encouraged to stop and observe a moment of silence at 1400hrs Atlantic (100hrs Pacific) in Review Order.

To respect physical distancing and Covid-19 prevention protocols, there is to be no gatherings of Members in Review Order or Red Serge to eliminate the possibility of public interest and a larger audience.

We encourage you to share photos of your Wear Red Friday participation online, or to send them to media@npf-fpn.com so we can share them. A reminder to please use the hashtag #WearRedFriday on all social media content so the families can see your support.

We are experiencing an outpouring of appreciation and interest in Wear Red Friday from the public. Our posts have been shared by several Premiers; seen by 100,000’s of people and shared by over 7,000 on Facebook and Twitter as of today. If you haven’t had an opportunity to read the many thoughtful and heartfelt condolences expressed to our Members on our Facebook, you may wish to do so.

In this challenging time, I’d also like to remind you, again, that the RCMP have mental health supports available for Members, and that Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) provides support to RCMP Members and their families. If you are in crisis, call the VAC assistance line available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at 1-800-268-7708.

Stay safe and well and let’s all stand together – apart this Friday at 1400hrs Atlantic.



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