Larry Burden’s This Day In The RCMP

Photograph of early Canadian Coat of Arms (Source of photo - Sheldon Boles)




The achievements and contributions of the Force have been built upon the individual contributions of many past Veterans. These contributions have largely been forgotten.





Veteran Sgt. Larry Burden ( #35982) served in “E” Division for 20 years has spent over ten years researching and summarizing these achievements by specific date. Nearly every day, Larry sends out an email message with a selection from his work in progress manuscript “This Day In The RCMP” to individuals interested in these historical notes.

In an effort to share his research to a large group, Larry has agreed to permit us to develop a webpage on our website. Each webpage will post Larry’s historical notations over the past week.

If you wish to contact Larry Burden or provide additional information about his research, please email him at

September 24

1886 – The first steamship the “Wrigley” begins regular service on the Mackenzie River.

Photograph of Fullerton RNWMP Post

1903 – The NWMP establishes a detachment at Cape Fullerton on Hudson Bay.

1942 – The Alaska Highway is opened at Contact Creek, Yukon 305 miles north of Fort Nelson, BC.

1988 – Star of Courage, #38476 Troy Duane Gross, SC

When Constable Troy Gross arrived at the scene of an overturned tanker truck near Wainright, Alberta he realized that the unconscious driver was trapped inside, with gasoline flowing from the damaged tanker. Constable Gross smashed the windshield and reached inside and turned off the ignition. He then proceeded to remove the windshield from the cab and climbed inside to assist the driver. With the help of another constable and two ambulance attendants who had arrived on scene, he began to maneuver the driver out through the smashed windshield opening. During the extraction the victim became lodged in the opening but was eventually removed and transported to safety.

For his heroism in the face of grave danger Constable Troy Duane Gross was awarded Canada’s second highest medal, the Star of Courage.

Canadian Star of Courage medal as awarded to a member of the RCMP.

Canadian Star of Courage medal as awarded to a member of the RCMP.

1990 – Parrsborro Novas Scotia constables, M.W. Johnson and C.C Morton earned Commanding Officers Commendations for bravery after a three hour standoff with an armed and emotionally disturbed man who was threatening to kill himself. The two constables eventually convinced the man to turn over his weapon and surrender.

Photograph of a RCMP Commissioner's Commendation For Bravery.

Photograph of a RCMP Commissioner’s Commendation For Bravery.

September 25

Photograph of Osborne Smith - 1st temporary Commissioner of the North West Mounted Police

Photograph of Osborne Smith – 1st temporary Commissioner of the North West Mounted Police

1873 – Lieutenant Colonel W. Osborne Smith, the Commander of the militia in Manitoba, was appointed temporary Commissioner of the North West Mounted Police.

1885 -Kapapamahchakwew (Wandering Spirit) tried for treason at Battleford Saskatchewan and is sentenced to hang for involvement in North West Rebellion.

1992 – A posthumous Commissioners Commendation for Outstanding Service was presented to the family of Sergeant G.R. Shaw at a ceremony “K” Division Head Quarters in Edmonton Alberta. Shaw who died of lymphatic cancer in August of 1991 while serving at Sherwood Park Detachment was recognized for his courage, honesty, integrity and fairness he had displayed throughout his career.