Larry Burden – This Day In The RCMP


The achievements and contributions of the Force have been built upon the individual contributions of many past Veterans.

These contributions have largely been forgotten.Veteran Sgt. Larry Burden ( #35982) served in “E” Division for 20 years has spent over ten years researching and summarizing these achievements by specific date. Nearly every day, Larry sends out an email message with a selection from his work in progress manuscript “This Day In The RCMP” to individuals interested in these historical notes.


In an effort to share his research to a large group, Larry has agreed to permit us to develop a webpage on our website. Each webpage will post Larry’s historical notations over the past week.

If you wish to contact Larry Burden or provide additional information about his research, please email him at

November 16th

1885– After being convicted in court for treason the rebel leader Louis Riel 1844-1885 was hanged in Mounted Police barracks in Regina. Before he went to the gallows, journalist Nicholas Flood Davin who was disguised as a priest gained access to him and obtained an exclusive interview.  On the morning of his execution, the hangman appeared in the doorway of his cell and Louis Riel stated, ‘Mr. Gibson, you want me? I am ready’. He then was escorted from his cell and after receiving absolution from a real priest, he ascended the scaffold and while the priest recited the Lord’s Prayer, the trap door opened. Louis Riel’s body was then delivered to St-Boniface and he was interred in the cemetery in front of the Roman Catholic Cathedral.

1989 – On this day the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that a fetus has no right to life under common law, the Quebec Civil Code or the Quebec Charter.

1993 – Constables #40479 David Radu and #41806 Christopher Newel earned commendations after they prevented a suicidal woman in Cranbrook, B.C. from killing herself after she saturated herself with gasoline.

November 15th

1909– #3827 Frederick Jarvis is promoted to the rank of Corporal in recognition of his outstanding work on the Meese murder case in Quill Lake, Saskatchewan.

1973– The RCMP Patrol Vessel “Centennial” MP100 is launched at a ceremony where Mrs. Higgitt performs the Christening ceremony. The 75’ patrol boat serves on the East Coast of Canada until she is de-commissioned on April 5, 1988.

1978– Canada Post releases a new14¢ postage stamp featuring the RCMP auxiliary schooner St. Roch.

1979– Auxiliary Constable Wayne Bill of Kelowna BC earns his second Commanding Officers Commendation for Bravery. The commendation resulted from a man coming into the front counter of the detachment armed with a rifle and threatening to kill him. Auxiliary Constable Bill leapt over the counter and grabbed the rifle from the man and subdued him until other members could rush to his aid.

1989 – Liberal Senator Hazen Argue, is charged by the RCMP with misuse of Senate funds. He is the first Canadian Senator to face criminal charges, but he died in 1991 before his case went to trial.

2004 – The RCMP’s only recipient of the Cross of Valour passed away this day. 57-year old #26112 Corporal Robert (Bob) Gordon Teather died from complications related to diabetes. He was the only member of the RCMP to ever be awarded the Cross of Valour.

The Cross of Valour is awarded for acts of the most conspicuous courage in circumstances of extreme peril and replaces the George Medal which, had served that purpose until Canada revised its Honours System and sanctioned the Cross of Valour in 1972. Only 12 people have received this decoration since it was created in 1972, five of which were posthumously. Corporal Teather was Canada’s 13th recipient. See September26, 1981.