John Stolarski’s Old Newspaper Clippings

Photograph of an RCMP Police Service trade badge (Source of photo - Laird Allan).





With the exception of his first two years in the Force, John Stolarski spent his entire career as a Police Dog Services handler.




Throughout this career, John clipped newspaper articles about members who he had worked with.

Despite the fact that John has passed away, his family has agreed for us to re-post these articles for the interest of RCMP Veterans and current members of the Force.



October 6, 1966 (The Leader Post – Regina, Sask.) A member of the RCMP is seen stopping a truck at the junction of No. 14 and No. 2 highways in the search for an armed bandit who made off with $8,300 from the Colonsay Credit Union office Tuesday afternoon.  The manhunt continued late Wednesday with every available policeman called in to search for a man about 32 years old, wearing a white hard hat and a blue windbreaker.



On duty throughout the Atlantic Provinces are the above see RCMP dogs and their masters who were at Camp Debert for the past two weeks attending a refresher course.  Let to right are: Const. B. Johnstone, St. John’s Nfld, and Danko; Corp. D.F. Marston, Halifax, and Ace; Const. J. Stolarski, Sydney and Aro; Const. B. Pollock, Moncton, and Erik; Const. G. Bagnell, Truro, and Deka; Corp. M.I. Wilson, Fredericton and Susie, and Corp., K. Huxter, Corner Brook, Nfld, and Shep.


Photograph of RCMP Staff Sergeant Mac Carlisle.

Photograph of RCMP Staff Sergeant Mac Carlisle.

RCMP Staff Sergeant Gordon MacFarlane (Mac) Carlisle (Reg.#20642) is going back home to Fredericton in April, the place where he joined the RCMP 22 years ago.

This time he will be going back home to become the chief of police in the New Brunswick capital city.

S.?s Carlisle’s appointment as police chief of Fredericton was announced yesterday and becomes effective April 1.

Carlisle, 40, joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police January 4, 1958 in Fredericton, N.B. where he was born and educated, graduating from high school in 1958.

After enlisting, like all young RCMP recruits, Carlisle was shipped out to Regina and basic training camp.  In 1959 he was posted to Halifax.

In 1962 he was posted to Bridgetown and placed in charge of the highway patrol.

From there he was transferred to Windsor detachment again in charge of the Highway Patrol.

It was in Windsor that S-S Carlisle was marred to the former Gail Margaret Wilson of Halifax.

He was transferred to Sydney in 1967 and promoted to the rank of corporal.

In 1969 he was transferred to Ingonish Beach Detachment as officer in charge.

He was posted to Antigonish in 1972 when the RCMP took, over policing of the town and was promoted to the rank of sergeant.

Later he was transferred back to Bridgetown and in charge of the detachment.

In May of 1976, he was transferred back to Sydney as section NCO with the promotion to the rank of staff sergeant.

S-S Carlisle who will assume the post of chief with the 93-man Fredericton Police Department says he has many regrets leaving Sydney and his many friends.



Sydney Sub-Division RCMP – Inspector T.M. Gradiner, officer commanding the Sydney subdivision, Royal Canadian Mounted Police has announce the promotion of five members of the force in the Sydney and Glace Bay areas.

Corporal George H. McKinley who heads the general investigation of the force at Sydney, and Corporal A.A. Mathewson, detachment commander at Glace Bay, have been promoted to the rank of sergeant.

Together with Sgt. McKinley, two other plain clothes members were also, elevated to the rank of corporal.  They are Constables N.F. Babcooke and  D.M. Wood of the Sydney investigation staff.

The remaining promotion of members serving in the Cape Breton is Constable John Stolarski, police service dog master for the Sydney sub-division area who was appointed to the rank of corporal.

Sgt. McKinley is a native of Woodstock, N.B. and joined the force at Fredericton in April of 1954.

He saw service in various large centres of southern Ontario prior to his posting to the Sydney plain clothes section in June of 1966.  He is married to the former Florence MacDonald of Sydney and they live with their four children in Coxheath.

Sgt. Matheson comes from Ontario, becoming a member of the force in Toronto in May of 1951.  While his entire service following training has been in Nova Scotia, he has served at 10 centres in that time prior to a recent posting to Glace Bay  from North Sydney after the amalgamation of that area with central Sydney headquarters.

Sgt. and Mrs. Matheson with their three children will be moving from North Sydney to Glace Bay to take up quarters at the end of the school year.

Corporal Babcooke is from Ontario where he joined the force in November of 1960.  His service has been all in Nova Scotia at Truro, Stewiacke, Parrsboro and Pictou prior to his transfer to Cape Breton in April of 1969.  The Babcookes and their two children live at Sydney Forks.

Corporal and Mrs. wood are both from Ontario and live in Sydney with their two children.  All Corporal Wood’s service has been in Cape Breton.  he joined the force at Toronto in November of 1961.

Photograph of Constable John St

Photograph of Constable John Stolarski (Source of photo – Mildred Stolarski)

Corporal Stolarski is married to the former Mildred MacLean of Boisdale, C.B.  He joined the force in February of 1959 at New Westminster, B.C.  After an initial short, period of general duty in Alberta, he has been continuously employed with police service dogs since 1961.  This entailed duty at various points in western Canada prior to being posted to Cape Breton in 1969.  The Stolarskis have one daughter and reside in Sydney.

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