Grover – Our Sponsored Dog

Photograph of Grover - BC & Alberta Guide Dog Service




As you will recall from previous messages, the Vancouver Division is sponsor Grover.  He is one of the new puppies at the BC & Alberta Guide Dog Service.

Recently, we received a letter of appreciation from the BC & Alberta Guide Dog Service and it is below for your information:






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April 2013

Welcome to BC & Alberta Guide Dog Services Puppy Sponsorship Program!

On behalf of BC & Alberta Guide Dog Services, thank you for your generous support of our Puppy Sponsorship program.   I am very pleased to introduce you to our black Labrador,  Grover.    As  you  can  see  from  the  enclosed  photo,  Grover  is  an exceptionally cute little fellow.

Grover was born on the 23rd of February 2013 to parents Diamond and Max.  The litter includes 4 sisters; Caprice, Compass, Kelsey and Evelyn and 2 brothers; Konnor and Serge.   Evelyn and Serge are also black Labradors while Caprice, Compass, Kelsey and Konnor are yellow Labradors. 

Grover was placed with his carefully selected Puppy Raisers the week of April 15th and will be living and growing up in South Surrey, BC.   He will live with his Puppy Raisers until he is about 16 months old, during which time he will receive ongoing training to ensure that he has the best opportunity for success.   Grover’s training will familiarize him with crowds, elevators, escalators, construction, buses and sky trains and he will learn to stop and sit at every curb and stop light. Grover will learn to ring a bell that lets his Puppy Raisers know he needs to go outside and he will be expected to wait for a whistle to be blown before he eats his dinner.   This is all part of the early discipline training that is necessary for Grover to establish good behaviours from the
start.   Grover will wear a “BC Guide Dog Puppy in Training” jacket that allows him access to anywhere humans can go. As well, Grover will be required to attend obedience classes every two weeks where he will meet up with his siblings and the other puppies in the training program to advance their skills. 

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