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The Food Bank Challenge

Dear Association Members,

President John Keddy of Golden Horseshoe Division raised a challenge to us all to support the food banks in our areas.

One response that we received was quite informative,

“Thank you for passing on this information on Golden Horseshoe Div. making this donation and their challenge.

On behalf of Pres. Bob Ellergodt, Calgary Div. , I wish to inform you that our Div. received a call from RCMP Veteran Bob Gray one of the Directors at the Calgary Veterans Association Food Bank informing us that they were having some challenges providing 54 meals a week and financial support to their Veteran Clients.

This request was made on April 3, 2020. Bob Ellergodt went out to our Members requesting donations and our Executive voted to make a donation of $1000.

Our own Members also donated around $4000 for a total of in excess of $5000. Our donations were for the most part complete by April 9, 2020.

It was a pleasant surprise for the Veterans Association Food Bank and once again our RCMP Veterans stepped forward in time of need.

Best regards,

Lance Saunders,
Director Communications
RCMP Veterans Association
Calgary Division.
403 312 3042

Another note we received was from Fred Winters of Ottawa Division who observed that he
“likes this idea and supports what is decided upon. Annually I support CHEO (Childrens’ Hospital of Eastern Ontario) by doing the cycle marathon and seek donors thru the CHEO website. It works. I have fun doing the ride and have raised a minimum of one thousand dollars annually for the cause over the last ten years.”

Fred Winters

Congratulations to all our members and our Association in continuing to serve the public after completing service in the Force.

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association

Childrens’ Hospital of Eastern Ontario


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