Golden Horseshoe Division – Food Bank Challenge

The Golden Horseshoe Division Food Bank Challenge

Dear Members of the Association

Following on Golden Horseshoe Division President John Keddy’s challenge to support local food banks during this time of crisis a number of Divisions have risen to the challenge.

London Division has joined Kingston Division in adding a new tack in supporting Women’s Shelters. Certainly an excellent cause in these troubled times.

We are very pleased to continue reporting on the responses of our Divisions to the Golden Horseshoe Challenge and now the expansion of the challenge to a new area. All these initiatives show the tremendous sense of purpose of our Association and the Force in helping Canadians everywhere.

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association

London Division

President Wayne Isbester

Some time ago Golden Horseshoe Division Challenged all Divisions to make a contribution to their local Food Banks due to the current COVID 19 crisis.

London Division annually contributes to the local London Food Bank around Christmas time in the form of food donated by our Division members attending our annual Gala Christmas Luncheon amounting to a few hundred pounds of canned or dry goods.

We have also in the past made monetary donations to this worthy cause. The Division Executive discussed the matter and while a donation to the Food bank was a great initiative, we felt that at this critical time the local Women and Children’s Shelter were also in need.

Donations to both these causes were considered urgent under the circumstances and the executive decided to contribute the maximum the executive is allowed under our Division Procedures Manual of $300.00. Our Division Treasurer was instructed to split this donation evenly between the London Food Bank and the local Women and Children’s shelter. This will be done in the near future.

We are aware that many of our members have made personal contributions of their own to personal charities and some of our ladies have contributed greatly in the making of masks and gowns for the various hospitals and nursing homes during these trying times.

Other London Vets have kept in touch with some of our more senior Veterans in nursing homes by telephone and email as well as those in poor health.

A few of our members have indicated they intend to make donations for an education fund which no doubt will be set up for the children of Cst. Heidi Stevenson and others killed in the recent tragedy in Nova Scotia. I would like to thank all of our Division members for their kind generosity and thoughtfulness during these trying times.

Wayne Isbester, President
London RCMP Veterans Division

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