Generational/Territorial Insignia Pins – Order Status



Generational / Territorial Insignia Pins

Order Status

Earlier this autumn, the Corps Sergeant Major reviewed and approved over 100 applications from Veterans for Generational and Territorial Insignia.  We are able to fill roughly half of the order from existing inventory.  The remaining insignia are being ordered from the manufacturer this week.  Those are expected to be produced and shipped to the Association office during January 2019.

All of the applications that we are able to fill at present are being sent this week to the respective Division offices from which they originated, along with a list of the applications filled, and those that remain on order.

The outstanding orders will be shipped to the Divisions upon receipt; hopefully next month. We will send out an update when the remaining insignia are received and shipped.

This process has taken longer than we had anticipated due to competing priorities and resource issues.  We apologize for the delay.

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