Financial Health Lunch & Learn

Financial Health Lunch & Learn

Dear Members

Good afternoon folks,

RCMP H Division has taken the initiative to help those who will be receiving substantial backpay from the recent raise. They are concerned some will be enticed to spend, perhaps too quickly and on impulse.

I am advised when the military were receiving cash settlements from Veterans Affairs, with some, there was a propensity to make large purchases and quickly expend the monies. In many cases, former military personnel found themselves carrying substantial debt with payments that were difficult to make each month. Some found themselves broke without a source of income due to bad spending choices.

H Division was made aware of a support program the military developed once it was realized far too many former military members had indeed, made poor spending choices. As a result, they decided to develop something similar and have arranged for accredited Financial Counsellors to host a two hour session on budgeting and the psychology of spending. Initially, there was a cost issue in getting this done, that being the H Division OSI program did not have sufficient funds. As a result, they reached out to our Nova Scotia Veterans Association Division who in turn, provided the financing from their Support and Advocacy budget. I believe the cost was in the area of $200.

The presentations will be recorded and we have received an invitation to attend, virtually. Anyone interested after the initial presentation will have up to three months to view. Considering some of our Association members will be receiving retroactive pay, I am very pleased to extend this invitation to all former members. Members of the BOD might also be interested in virtually attending the live recording.

Unfortunately the sessions will not be available in French.

Regards to all,

Sandy Glenn, National President
RCMP Veterans Association
Members Helping Members and their Families

Details on the sessions are available from the attached pdf file – Lunch & Learn.

Financial Health Lunch & Learn


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