Equine Assisted Therapy for Operational Stress Injuries

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Operational Stress Injuries

Dear Association Members,

Equine therapy for a number of illnesses / injuries in humans has been shown to be extremely effective.  Vancouver Division supports Pacific Riding for Developing Abilities (PRDA) and Toronto Division supports the Community Association for Riders with Disabilities (CARD).  In both instances the success of the therapy is astounding.

Ralph Mahar has just brought to our attention a note received on the Association Twitter account stating that the organization Can Praxis which offers equine therapy for operational stress injuries had two cancellations in their January sessions and are offering these positions to us.

Can Praxis describes itself as “Can Praxis EAL is a Canadian registered charity, and we provide mental health recovery programs for Canadian Veterans and First Responders (serving and retired) living with an Operational Stress Injury (OSI), such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

We incorporate equine therapy into our programs because horses understand us and can teach us about ourselves. Horses are experts at reading body language and pick up on all the non-verbal cues we bring to an interaction.

Founded in 2013 by a Canadian Military Veteran and a Trauma-focused clinician, Can Praxis is the leading Equine-Assisted Therapy provider for the Veteran and First Responder communities.”

The Can Praxis website which describes their programs in much greater detail may be viewed by clicking here.

The dates for the upcoming course for member and a family member are January 23 – 25, 2020 and thus the time factor is quite tight.  The courses are held at Horse in Hand Ranch, Blackfalds, Alta which is just north of Red Deer.  Transportation, accommodation and meals are paid for those injured and a family member.

This service is provided through generous donors.

We have enquired with Can Praxis to confirm availability and Steve Critchley has replied as follows,

Hi James,

Thanks for getting back to us.  Our therapy program covers all costs such flights, hotels, rental cars, meals and in hardship situations childcare as well.  Currently we have two vacancies for an injured member (serving or retired)  and their spouse/partner/family member. Folks can send me an email direct and we can take it from there. We’ll
ask them to complete a very short history and a consent form as well.  We ask for these forms to ensure we understand how best to help them during our program.  Any and all information is strictly confidential and never shared unless directed to do so by the participant.


Steve Critchley CD, C.Med
Founder Can Praxis

If you would like to take advantage of this program please contact Steve directly.  If you require assistance please contact our Chief Advocate, Ruby Burns – association.director2@rcmpva.org

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association