Cst. Shelby Patton Memorial Park


Honouring Cst. Shelby Patton

The Town of Indian Head, Saskatchewan

Cst. Shelby Patton

June 12, 2021, Cst. Shelby Patton, a member of Indian Head Detachment, was tragically killed at Wolseley, Saskatchewan, in the line of duty after responding to a report of a stolen vehicle.

The Town of Indian Head, working with a community-based volunteer committee, is developing a Memorial Park to honour Cst. Patton’s sacrifice and commitment to his community. Details regarding the Memorial may be seen at Town Of Indian Head – Constable Shelby Patton Memorial Park to be Developed in Indian Head.

The development committee, including RCMP members, is seeking donations from those who wish to be part of this legacy project, with a fundraising goal of $150,000. Acknowledgement of all donations will take place during an opening ceremony following the planned completion of the memorial, by the Fall of 2022. Tax receipts ARE NOT available for donations as the initiative is not registered as charitable.

On behalf of the RCMP Veterans’ Association, Regina Division is leading a campaign to contact and solicit donations from all Divisions and Members of the RCMP Veterans’ Association towards a single, recognizable RCMP Veterans’ donation to the memorial.

Donations may be made via:

  1. automatically deposited e-transfer to honourshelby@myaccess.ca
  2. cheque payable to RCMPVA Honour Shelby and mailed to:

RCMP Veterans’ Association
4742 Mazinke Cres.,
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4X 4T9

Credit card donations may also be made through a Go Fund Me page established by an official of the Town of Indian Head and located HERE. To be counted in the overall RCMP Veterans’ donation, Go Fund Me donations must identify the RCMP Veterans relationship in the donation comments.

Lets’ get behind this worthy cause honouring the memory of Constable Shelby Patton.

John Leitch
Regina Division
Home: 306-545-9331
Text/Cell: 306-216-6848


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