(Clarification) Class Action Against the RCMP

A Letter From The President

Dear Members of the Association,

The following message was received from Joanne Rigon, the Director General, RCMP Compensation Services. I had asked her why the Class Action notices had been sent to former members who joined the Force as far back as 1953. The following is her response:


A.P. (Sandy) Glenn, National President
RCMP Veterans Association
Members Helping Members and Their Families

Hi Sandy,

I have now been able to get clarification on your remaining question with respect to why the reach out went as far back as 1953. I am told that the original court order pertaining to this matter defined the class broadly and without any time restrictions. The RCMP complied with the court order and provided the names and addresses of class members as directed by the court on July 31, 2021. Information was requested and obtained from sources, following which it was then provided to Dewar for the purposes of the Notice Program. The information provided was consistent with the Court Order of the broad class definition “of any person who underwent an Applicant’s Examination” – and the data happen to go back as far as 1953.

As previously mentioned, unfortunately the RCMP is not in a position to provide further guidance on this matter as we are simply complying with the court’s direction, so for any additional inquiries we are told that they should be directed to Kim Spencer Law Firm.

Thank you for your efforts in clarifying things with the membershup.


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