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Challenge Coins from BC North Division – Prince George Region

Dear Veterans and Collectors

We have embarked on a fundraising scheme by commissioning the production of an initial 200 Challenge Coins through a Canadian Calgary Firm known as SGS Marketing run by a Susan and Jason McINNIS ( Jason is Calgary City Police). The funds raised will support Prince George Region RCMP Veterans projects. The initial coins will be numbered 01 to 200 . We are offering this opportunity to RCMP Veterans and other collectors at a cost of $25.00 per coin ( shipping and handling included). Or $30/coin with a blue velvet display box suitable for gifting or display ( shipping included)

To order your Prince George Region Veterans Association Challenge Coin please foreword your order and monies to Ray Kinloch by e transfer to the Prince George RCMP Veterans account at RBC account #04530 102-011-4 c/o Raybkinloch@telus.net or send a Check by mail to Ray KINLOCH 3151 Spruce Ridge Road , Quesnel, BC V2J 4R4 . Make the Check payable to the Prince George Region RCMP Veterans Association . Please send a follow-up email detailing payment method and delivery address to Ray Kinloch at the above noted address.

Attached is a picture of our coin and a history of the challenge coin. I believe these coins will promote comradely within our ranks and will make an excellent souvenir or gift to family and friends. As with the tradition if your challenged make sure your packing your coin otherwise your buying refreshments.

Ray Kinloch

Treasurer RCMP Vets Prince George Region

250 747 8313
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