Christmas Message from President Glenn

Greeting to all.

Here we are, about to celebrate another Christmas with Covid still amongst us. Hopefully, we haven’t let our guard down, even though, sadly, the daily statistics have become so common place.

It’s reassuring to see examples of good things still being accomplished across the Membership. The making of quilts for newborn children; fidget vests for those experiencing mental challenges; members phoning members just to say hello while making sure they are doing okay. I’ve learned about northern Alberta members joining forces with former CAF members to establish and stock food banks; Association Divisions who continue to visit Detachments just to let the serving members and employees know we have their backs. More deliveries of the “Mountie Moose” to Detachments so they can give them to traumatized children; letters of Appreciation, generated by our Calgary Division to every RCMP Detachment and Section within K Division. The list goes on.

It’s such an honor to be a part of our group of 7000+ members who are there to help each other, and our numbers continue to grow, even though attrition does take its toll. I continue to be inspired by those of you who are always willing to step up to make things better. This is especially true for this time of the year.

Christmas is having the chance to truly be ourselves. It doesn’t matter what mood you are in, at the moment. Rather, it’s the opportunity to search for and find the frame of mind that brings you back to better times before Covid and the better times still ahead. As I said last year, “may you never be too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve”. (author unknown)

May you share good will, stay safe, and have peace and happiness, this Christmas and throughout 2022.

A.P. (Sandy) Glenn
National President
RCMP Veterans Association

Members Helping Members and Their Families