Canadian Police Members: Receive Order Of Merit Awards

Canadian Order of Merit




Veteran Reg Sutton submitted the information contained in this webpage and identifies the various Canadian Police members who have recently received the Order of Merit.





The Order has three grades:

Canadian Order of Merit



Commander (C.O.M.)- recognizing conspicuous meritorious service and leadership in areas of great responsibility, typically in the national sphere or international level.






Officer (O.O.M.) – recognizing conspicuous meritorious service in areas of responsibility, typically at the regional else or provincial sphere.





Member (M.O.M.) – recognizing exceptional service or performance of duty.



For 2014 to 2015, these Orders were awarded to the following Canadian police members:

Commander Level

Deputy Chief Roger Dean Chaffin, PNWT

Chief ConstableGlenn De Clare, ONT

Deputy ChiefMichael Federico, ONT.

Asst CommanderTracy L. Hardy, ATLC

Chief ConstableDouglas Eric Jolliffe ONT

Asst CommanderJames Malizia, ONT

Deputy ChiefMike Saunders, ONT

Deputy ChiefPeter J. M. Sloly, ONT

Chief ConstableR. A. Bob Downie, Pacific

Member Level – Ontario

Sergeant Dean Aitken

Sergeant Robert Bernier

Superintendent Fred Betucca

Inspector Carol Bird

Superintendent Donald A. Campbell

Chief Suprintendent Charles E. Cox.

Chief Constable Albert T. Frederick

Detective Inspector Christine A. Gilpin

Sergeant R. Graham Gleasom

Staff.Sergeant John W. Goodman

Superintendent Philip Hasenflug

Sergeant Stephen F. Flicks

Mr.Gary A. Holden

Detective Inspector Andrew Michael Karsaki

Staff.Sergeant Mathew Kavanagh

Asst Commander Louise Lafrance

Superintendent Serge Lalonde

Chief Constable John Leontowicz

Deputy Chief Joseph James Mathews

Deputy Chief Christopher McCord

Constable Mike McCormack

Superintendent Robin McElary-Downer

Deputy Chief Antje B. McNeely

Asst Commander Gilles Joseph Roert Moreau

Deputy Chief John B. Pare

Chief Constable Paul E. Pederson

Asst Commander Pierre Peron

Chief Suprintendent Guy J. Pilon

Inspector Christopher Renwick

Deputy Chief J. Daniel Rioux

Asst Commissioner Todd Shean

Asst Commander Dale Sheehan

Asst Commander Marc Tardiff

Det. Superintendent David D.J. Truax

Asst Commander Stephen Edward White

Inspector Catherine Ann Yeandle Slater

Superintendent Andris Zarins

Member Level – Pacific West

Superintendent David Benton Attfield

Staff.Sergeant Galib Bhayani

Staff.Sergeant Jacques Brassard

Superintendent Brendan R. Fitzpatrick

Sergeant Peter W.G.M. Waring

Dep.Chief Teven herbert Ing

Superintendent Kenneth Dwayne McDonald

Staff SergeantPaul Allan Mulvihill

InspectorRobert (Bob) Joseph Page

Staff Sergeant Micahel S. Savage

Sergeant David Marc Searle

Sergeant Jeff Robert Swann

Staff Sergeant James L. Vardy

Superintendent Daryl Wiebe

Member Level – Prairies, N.W. Territories

Chief Constable Richard M. Bourassa

Asst Commander Brenda Butterworth-Carr

Superintendent F. G. Peter Clark

Chief Constable Dale Cox

Superintendent Leonard Rodney Gelindo Del Pino

Chief Constable Ian Robert Grant

Constable Arnold Guerin

Deputy Chief Anthony John Harder

Chief Constable Darrell L. Kambeitz

Inspector Dennis McGuffin

Patrol SergeantEdith H. Turner

Member Level – Atlantic Canada

Superintendent Joanne Grace Crampton

Chief Superintendent Wayne Gerard Gallant

Staff.Sergeant Darrel R. Gaudet

Staff.Sergeant Lindsay E. Hernden

InspectorRoderick (Rick) Kenneth Shaw

Ms.Verona Singer

SergeantCraig Marshall Smith

Chief Superintendent Marlene Rose Snowman

Member Level – Quebec

Director Serge Boulerice

Chief Suprintendent Claude Castonguay

Superintendent Gaetan Courchesne

Directeur Helen M.R.H.Dion

Staff Sergeant Isobel Granger

Chief Inspector Daniel (D) Jacques

Capitaine Dominique Lafreniere