C-66-67 Troop Memoirs

The members of C-66-67 troop are putting together troop memoirs and we are seeking the assistance of any members who have served with the following C-66-67 members who have sadly passed away.

The troop is attempting to collect stories about their service, or investigations they were involved in for their families. Anything you might have including news clipping, stories comments would be greatly appreciated.

In addition our troop is collecting stories. Memoirs, about all of our troop members. If you have any stories about how you trained any of our members, how they contributed to your career or trained you or if you worked investigations with them or were part of a practical joke on them or they played, our troop members would greatly appreciate hearing from you. 

If you have any newspaper clipping, photographs, including any sports teams or community events our troop members were involved in our troop or you have any comments about what type of policemen, community members, friends they were our troop would greatly appreciate receiving your stories or comments from you.   

If you have any stories, newspaper clipping or memoirs you would like to share please call Jerry Forst 780-416-0886 or send them tomoonstone47@shaw.ca. C Troop and their families thank you for assisting with this project.

C-66-67 Troop​​

1. Peter Albertson   Reg # 24837

2. Bob Allison     Reg # 24845

3. Ron Beaucaire Reg# 24832

4. Bob Bossence Reg 24836

5. Carmen Brown Reg# 24831

6. Bob Dolhy   ​Reg # 24847

7. Derk Doornbos   Reg # 24850

8. Jerry Forst​Reg # 24851

9. Ron Keeping​Reg # 24838

10. Dave Leblanc Reg# 24825 / 0.1623

11. Michel Laverdiere  ​Reg# 24839 / 0.1640

12. Carter MacDonald  ​Reg # 24823

13. Ross Mortlock  ​ Reg # 24842

14. Bill Pertson   Reg # 24788

15. George Picott Reg#24828

16. Rick Saville   Reg # 24833 

17. Ken Scheske   Reg # 24835

18. Jack Snoeks   Reg # 24840

19. Ernie Stagg    Reg# 24852

20. Bob Swift ​Reg # 24834

21. John Turnell   Reg # 24848

22 Rene Charbonneau, Reg # 24841 / 0.1288 

23. Bloyce Coles, Reg# 24827

24. Joe Dennis, Reg# 24824

25. R.B. (Bruce) Lyman, Reg# 24822

Gone but not Forgotten C-66-67 Troop Members