Appointment Announcement

Appointment Announcement

Dear Members of the Association

We are pleased to note that our new Operational Director of Strategic Engagement, Al Treddenick has been the subject of a notification in BlueLine Magazine.  The announcement is as follows,

Alan Treddenick, retired RCMP/CSIS member and the former director of National Security and Law Enforcement Liaison for BlackBerry, has recently been appointed as the director of strategic engagement with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Veterans’ Association. Since 2017, Treddenick has been the CEO of ATNOH Group, a global risk advisory company.

Structurally, it should be noted that Mr. Treddenick is not a member of the Association Board but rather an operational member of the Association who is managing this particular portfolio within the aupices of the Communications Committee.

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association

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