Advocates Workshop Regina 2019

Advocates Workshop Regina 2019

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Dear Association Members,

Over a period of two days – September 9th., and 10th., Association Chief Advocate, Ruby Burns’ labour over the past few months came to fruition in the form of an advocates’ workshop held at Depot Division in Regina.  We are pleased to note that Division Advocates from across the country attended and from all reports made this  into a very successful event.

 Some images and a description of the agenda follow.

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association

A blessing of Advocates

Monday- September 9th

0830 start
Welcome and brief discussions throughout the two days on: tracking Veteran Illnesses, future teleconferences; frequency, keeping statistics, and Updating Advocates Manual

– Deputy  Director of Veteran Services Ms Carolyn Gasser, gave a presentation on what services Legion Service Officers can assist with; application of medical disability claims and funding they have available

– Sgt. Kim Hendricken our serving liaison officer with Veterans Affairs Canada….an overview of issues with medical disability claims and Q and A concerning this issue

– -H division model of Advocacy and Support by Jan and Vic Gorman

Capturing the information 
At the edge of his chair
Lunch with Commissioner Lucki
And the questions keep coming

September 10th

– presentation to advocates on the importance of wills and estate planning by lawyer Mr. Greg Murphy, Llb

– presentation and discussion by Ombudsman, Mr. Craig Dalton

– presentation on RCMP Family Programs by Katie Holtzhauer

-presentation on Trust Benefit Fund, Foundation and new initiative Critical Incident Fund

And finally a presentation by the National Coordinator Mr. Greg Smith on SOSI – Support for Operational Stress Injuries

A very engaged and keen group of advocates..

Even more information
Fenced in to contain their enthusiasm

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