Research on Veterans with PTSD


Research on Veterans with PTSD at Sinai Health (Bridgepoint)

The following email was received by the Vancouver Division from Justin Ryk, MSc, Research Coordinator, Bridgepoint Research Collaboratory:


I am a researcher working at the Bridgepoint Collaboratory at Sinai Health in Toronto and our group is in the early planning stages for research to support care for military and police veterans living with PTSD – this is being done together with the Centre of Excellence on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Related Mental Health Conditions. We wanted to reach out to the RCMP Veteran’s Association – Vancouver Division to see if this research might be of interest to you and your members. Please let me know who I might speak to and when they may be available to discuss in more detail.

Best regards,

Justin Ryk, MSc (he/him)

Research Coordinator

Bridgepoint Research Collaboratory

1 Bridgepoint Drive, Toronto, ON M4M 2B5 ”


If anyone is interested, please contact Justin Ryk directly.