Letter of gratitude – Nova Scotia Veterans’ UN NATO Group

A Letter of Gratitude

Dear Members of the Association,

President Sandy Glenn has asked that the attached letter be sent to you as it is a reflection on the support the Force continues to receive from many quarters notwithstanding the current discussions regarding police reformation

This will also serve to remind us of the importance of the work many Divisions have engaged in when showing support to individual detachments of the Force. The reviews from the detachments have been very positive and the work is clearly very productive. Rumours have it that even in Ontario RCMP STRONG plush toys have been delivered to OPP detachments in a show of solidarity with allied law enforcement agencies.

The letter which is attached is from the Nova Scotia Veterans’ UN NATO Group and expresses their thanks and support for the Force and Halifax Regional Police Service. It has already been given regional distribution to Nova Scotia Division.

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association

Letter of Gratitude





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