Who Is This Member?

Last week members of the Vancouver Division Executive went through boxes of old files maintained by our past Secretary.   Found placed in one of the files was a photo which appears to be duplicated from another photo.   It is of a member on horseback, which is different than most of the usual photos of members on horseback in Review Order.  I believe it is perhaps a member of the “N” Division Riding Staff .   Note the background, which appears to be the Ottawa area, opposed to “Depot”.  The rider has a service star for five years and has several undress ribbons on his brown serge tunic, which may indicate he served during WW II or perhaps the Korean War.  It is not often that you see a member on horseback with a “truncheon” attached to the saddle.   Perhaps, one of our readers may be able to identify the rider. 

Ric Hall – 24394/O.1330

Photograph of retired RCMP Superintendent Ric Hall (Source of the photo – Ric Hall’s Photo Collection).