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Dear Members of the Association

President Sandy Glenn recently distributed a message covering off the work of Nova Scotia Division in providing plush toys (Moose Mounties) to all 52 RCMP Detachments in “H” Division.

You will be interested to learn that the Division’s work has now been the subject of an article in the Chronicle Herald newspaper of Halifax that provides a view of how the public is perceiving the work of the Association.

You will also recall the outreach of Calgary, Lethbridge and Victoria Divisions in supporting the serving members.

Police Forces everywhere are experiencing intense scrutiny from their governments and the general public. Loud, often violent protests against the police have broken out in a variety of locations and the criticism does not go unnoticed by both serving and retired police officers.

The Association is starting to play a very significant role in the health and well-being of serving members, much as it has done for our members. The horror of the shooting rampage of April 18th.,– 19th., 2020 where Cst. Heidi Stevenson was murdered along with 21 other individuals has taken its toll on “H” Division members. Helping to alleviate this toll is a task strongly pursued by Nova Scotia Division and welcomed by “H” Division members.

This is an emerging role for the Association and President Glenn is examining the development of a Secretariat Staff Position of “Support Services Development”. This position would be designed to assist those Divisions who would be interested, to enhance their support functions.

The Association is developing an increasingly strong voice within the serving member community and this is the direct result of the work of our members in reaching out to the serving members and showing them our support in what is becoming an increasingly difficult time for police officers to function productively.

As the need for support services grows the Association will be facing increasing demands on our resources (human and administrative). Meeting these demands has meant increasing and streamlining our internal procedures. Enhancements to our membership management program and ecommerce system will mean less time spent on administration and a greater opportunity for us to provide the services in which we are showing great strength.

The article from the Chronicle Herald follows and, alternatively is available by clicking here.

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association

Darrell Cole (darrell.cole@amherstnews.ca)
Published: Oct 20 at 2:57 p.m.
Updated: Oct 20 at 4:16 p.m.

Vic Gorman, Chris Paley and Brian Carter from the RCMP Veterans Association Nova Scotia Division stand with two of the Big Foot Moose Mounties they are presenting to RCMP detachments around the province. The stuffed toys are meant to be used by RCMP officers when responding to traumatic situations involving children or persons with dementia. – Darrell Cole


N.S. RCMP veterans association providing stuffed bears to all 52 detachments.

AMHERST – Nova Scotia RCMP officers have another tool they can use when responding to traumatic situations involving children or those suffering with conditions such as dementia.

Members of the RCMP Veterans Association Nova Scotia Division are making their way around the province’s 52 detachments to present Big Foot Moose Mountie plush toys to assist officers in their work in the community, especially with families and children.

“It has been a tough year for everyone and we wanted to be able to give the detachments something tangible they can use on the job,” Jan Gorman, of the veterans association, said during a visit to the Cumberland detachment in Amherst.

“They can be used for children in crisis, or someone experiencing dementia. The thought is everyone needs something to cuddle.”

It’s part of the We Got Your Back initiative that encouraged veterans association members to sponsor one or more of the Moose Mounties, dressed in red serge and Stetson, to be distributed at the discretion of the detachments when needed. Retired officer Chris Paley said stuffed toys work during traumatic moments and he’s sure they’ll be put to good use.

“Kids and even seniors with dementia recognize the red serge and Stetson and it’s so cuddly,” he said. “As kids, we were always taught police are our friend so these Moose Mounties, the way they are dressed, are very symbolic of the RCMP. Rather than just a teddy bear in T-shirt these are a little more special.”

Gorman said the stuffed toys have already been used on at least two occasions.

She said it did not take long for the membership to take on the cause. Many members sponsored a plush toy in memory of deceased family members and/or RCMP employees. There were also multiple sponsorships from single donors.

“They have a lot of sentimentality attached to them,” she said.

Because of this, each of the detachments is receiving two of the toys and the veterans association is committed to replenishing supplies on a continuous basis moving forward.

The first Moose Mountie was presented to H Division’s commanding officer Lee Bergman by association president Brian Carter on Sept. 9.

Since launching the program, the Nova Scotia association has been contacted by others across the country interested in doing the same, while the president of the national association is the past president of the Nova Scotia association and accompanied Gorman while delivering the moose last week to detachments in other parts of the province.



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