VAC Treatment Benefits Program

VAC Treatment Benefits Program – Covid 19 Supplies

Dear Members of the Association,

Chief Advocate Ruby Burns and Nova Scotia Division members, Vic and Jan Gorman have provided the following information regarding the availability of COVID-19 supplies to certain recipients of VAC benefits.

The information follows. Unfortunately we do not have a French version of the order form referenced in the message and linked at the end of the message.

James Forrest
Director of Communications

VAC Treatment Benefits Program – Covid 19 Supplies

During this National Covid 19 pandemic VAC has made some temporary changes including paying for masks and sanitizers if required for personal treatments  and if the member/veteran is receiving a pension from VAC.

As for limits of supplies and applicability, the member/veteran should confirm with VAC (1 866 522 2122) before purchasing .

Please click on this link to learn more about this issue.

Personal Protective Equipment

I need personal protective equipment to attend my health appointments. Will VAC pay for this?

Yes, you may be covered if you need to wear personal protective equipment such as non-medical masks and/or gloves to receive treatment.  Additionally, if you need an escort to attend your appointment with you or if you have a family member attending VAC authorized treatment, their personal protective equipment will also be covered

What type of personal protective equipment is covered?

VAC will reimburse the cost for personal protective equipment including non-medical masks and/or gloves, if your health professional requires you wear personal protective equipment.  The current year is $200.00/CY – Benefit Code 400935

How do I get reimbursed for personal protective equipment?

You can use your VAC Health Identification Card to purchase personal protective equipment. You can use this card with VAC registered health care providers such as your local pharmacy or treating health professional. They will bill VAC directly so you do not need to pay out of pocket.

If you are unable to use your VAC Health Identification Card, please complete a VAC 918 Client Reimbursement Claim Form and submit to Medavie Blue Cross by mail to:

You will need to submit your proof of payment (original receipt or invoice) that shows:

  • the date you received the benefit or service;
  • the name of the benefit or service;
  • the amount you paid; and,
  • the name and address of the provider.

Prescriber Required
Recommender Required
Preauthorization Required
Negotiated Fee
Provincial Coverage


For specific information on pricing and availability, please contact the Regional or District Office in your area. Get help if you have questions about your health coverage or about VAC’s treatment benefits program, visit any VAC office or call them 1-866-522-2122. You can also contact Medavie Blue Cross.

The attached document can be printed off by Veterans who qualify for this program and present it to your pharmacy.


Form – VAC Program of Choice (07) Medical Supplies




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