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Dear Association Members,

A recent message mentioned the esteem that the former N.C.O i/c Sylvan Lake Detachment (S/Sgt. Andrew Shepherd) held for his Detachment Clerk, PSE Theresa Dempster.

In the preliminary comments I referred to Theresa in the old school style of Public Servant.

A very astute member of the Association pointed out that “The Public Service Employment Act came into force in December 2005 which replaced the Public Servants Act”. So quite properly Theresa should have been described as a Public Service Employee (PSE) not a Public Servant. Clearly an error on my part. What this correction also brought to mind was the fact that we (The Association) don’t mention often enough that the PSE’s who are providing such esential services to the Force are welcome and encouraged to join the Association as active members. The only proviso for PSE membership is that you must have worked in the employment of the RCMP for a minimum total period of 5 years. So if you are a former PSE or know of PSE’s who would like to join but weren’t certain if they were eligible please tell them that we welcome them with open arms.

Following on the article a number of members did write in and offer some opinions. They have graciously authorized the pubishing of their observations and they are reproduced hereunder.

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association


From 1983 until 1987 I was stationed at Sylvan Lake. Everything S/Sgt Shepherd says of Theresa Dempster today was just as true as when I had the pleasure to work with her ‘back in the day’.

Bruce W. Clark 36842

What a lovely tribute, It is so nice to see some positive acknowledgement of the many jobs well done. Although many don’t realize how much is accomplished quietly and without fanfare, just the satisfaction of a job well done. More power to the many who serve without notice.

Sincerely Dawn Duke ( wife of recently deceased Superintendent Donald M Duke Ret.)

What a great gesture for an NCO, I/C to provide such positive comments for a valued employee, who has spent such a large part of her life working for the betterment of their community.

Congratulations to Theresa and for Sylvan for acknowledging her!

Adrian Tompkins, Moncton

Hello, I feel I must comment on this. As a mere 25 year retired (24 plus 4 months) member, I have always had nothing but respect for Detachment clerks and have told the numerous clerks of which I had the honor of serving with, “You know, as far as I’m concerned, you could simply just walk into this job. All you need is the firearms training.”

Ken Tsai
retired 42776

Hello All- It is so encouraging to see this item about Detachment commanders recognizing civilian employees and the important role they play in the day to day operations of policing. How come more don’t do that? When people go above and beyond the job at hand to make things better should always have recognition. That doesn’t only go for Civilian members. I have recently been involved in the preparation of obituaries for the Quarterly and I know after completing a file that there is much more about that individual than just Force business. I am aware of major community involvements by individuals who have passed on whose contributions go unrecorded. mainly because of editorial space. There are so many interesting stories Force members and their civilian counterparts have made to Canada.

Garth Hampson


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