The Red Wall: A Woman In The RCMP website

Photograph of RCMP Veteran Jane Hall




This week, our Vancouver Division RCMP Veteran Jane Hall launched her new updated website.






Jane’s website focuses on female police officers from around the world.

In so doing, she pays tribute to the milestones of women in policing and the leadership role of women in policing.  By so doing, Jane is including some of the most recent academic papers on the topic of women in policing and also includes weekly updates on the most notable and recent news articles.

As pointed out by Jane, “all governments around the world are now focusing on involving more women in policing at all levels of police departments.

One particular article she has recently completed is entitled “A Tale of Two Force” which provides a historical reflection on the early women in the RCMP and in the Ontario Provincial Police.  Check out this article

You are encouraged to check out her website and pass it on to others.

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