BC & Alberta Guide Dogs

Photograph of dog from the BC Guide Dog Services & Autism Support Dog Services

BC & Alberta Guide Dogs (BCGD) was founded in 1996 and breeds, raises and professionally trains Guide Dogs for blind/visually-impaired individuals and Autism Support Dogs for children aged 3-10 with profound autism.

Since being founded in 2014, Vancouver Island Compassion Dogs (VICD) has paired 26 dogs with both military and RCMP veterans on Vancouver Island.  Each team undergoes a 52-week Service Dog training program and is eligible for certification under the BC Guide Dog and Service Dog Act.  BCGD has been providing purpose-bred adult dogs and technical support to Vancouver Island Compassion Dogs (VICD) since its inception.  BCGD and VICD have amalgamated into a single agency.  For details about BCGD, we encourage you to visit their website.

The RCMP Veterans’ Association – Vancouver Division received a suggestion that our Association provide financial support to the B.C. & Alberta Dogs and Autism Support Dogs program.  This proposal was approved by our Executive Committee.  The Association currently sponsors two puppies – Gideon and Winston.  Check out their photographs below:     

                                       Gideon – November 2018

                                   Winston – January 2019

Our Association members are also encouraged to individually support this group so they can provide support to this organization.

Photograph of Luke - one of the BC Guide Dog Service dogs

 We have included a couple of videos relating to BC Guide Dog Services.

Volunteer Recruitment:


                             Puppy Raising – Nanaimo Shaw TV ch.4