Signal Received from SS Sobieski in the North Sea

This information is being provided to all Association Members

Stop the Presses

Information has just come in regarding a ship in the North Sea that is carrying at least two members of our Association.  The reporting indicates that they are in good condition with the exception that one is experiencing an event.

Apparently a certain Bob McKee who is under the escort of Al Rivard is sharing a birthday with the ship shown above.  McKee is now a newly minted octogenarian with the arrival of his birthday today.  Amongst a host of claims to fame he frequently mentions are items such as being a Life Member, a former Division President (Vancouver 2009 & 2010) and a Director of the Board in the capacity of Director of Communications.

We wish Bob all the best in his newly chosen career as an octogenarian and hope that his success will continue to follow him.

If you would like to send congratulations to Bob on reaching this milestone please do so.  The radio signals to the ship are somewhat faint so we would suggest using the new-fangled email system –

Wishing Bob and Al a great cruise in the North Sea and Bob an extraordinary birthday,

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association