November 11 – Remembrance Day

Photograph of the Cloverdale memorial Wall (Surrey, BC)




As we approach November 11, 2012, we pause to recognize and pay tribute to our War Veterans who represented Canada in both World Wars, Korea War and United Nations duties.

We have included below a wide range of recent articles, stories and videos on the contributions made by soldiers.  In addition, we have included the sad news stories about how our Veterans are treated many years thereafter.

Remembrance Day Poppy: Five Things You Should Know About It – Are you wearing your poppy yet?

The Royal Canadian Legion’s annual poppy campaign kicked off last week but I like to wait until Halloween is over before pinning the distinctive symbol of remembrance to my jacket. Somehow wearing this sombre commemoration of our soldiers’ sacrifices during wartime seems to clash with the frivolity of a Halloween costume. Read more

RCMP Veterans Paul Giffin and Ric Hall submitted a Military Veteran’s story entitled “I Was A Soldier Once

Canadian Politicians Pay Lips Service TO Veterans – New Veterans Charter Cheats Vets And Their FamiliesThe Queen’s U report clearly revealed that the New Veterans Charter seriously short change the financial position of our disable Veterans. It is unacceptable that the Conservative party continues to implement the flawed New Veteran Charter that cheats Veterans and their Families of a proper lifetime disability pension.
During Remembrance week Members of Parliament will take every photo opportunities to acknowledge our fallen Heroes. They will also praise Military/RCMP Veterans for their dedication, devotion and service to their Country Canada. Unfortunately when disabled Veterans return home they will see their financial benefits cut off and they will feel abandon by the same Government they have served so gallantly. Read more

UBC Program To Help Veterans Make Transition Back To Civilian Life – A University of British Columbia program to help former members of the Canadian military make the transition back to civilian life is expanding into a non-profit organization that will provide services across Canada.

The new organization – called the Veterans Transition Network – has been established with $1.45 million in donations from the Royal Canadian Legion, Veterans Affairs Canada and other organizations as part of UBC’s start an evolution*campaign. It will deliver the Veterans Transition Program, which was founded at UBC in 1999. Read more

Valiant Vets Deserve Better – As yet another Remembrance Day approaches, it seems unfathomable that a group of severely-maimed veterans of Afghanistan are forced to sue our government for being treated like yesterday’s news.

It should not be necessary, but it is.  The class-action lawsuit, filed Tuesday in B.C., claims the already controversial lump sum doled out to wounded soldiers by Veterans Affairs falls drastically short of ensuring they can meet the needs of their compromised lives. Read more

Recollections Of A Windsor Dieppe Veteran (Part 1)

Recollections Of A Windsor Dieppe Veteran (Part 2)