Message From A.P. (Sandy) Glenn – Thank You For Your Support


Your Support has been Invaluable and Overwhelming

This message is one of thanks as well as an apology.

Thank you for the overwhelming letters of agreement and support, but I must apologize for not responding to each and every one we have received, numbering in the hundreds. It’s virtually impossible for me to get back to all of you.

Last night I answered and thanked around 75 out of about 150 folks and awoke this morning extremely pleased to see well over a hundred more in my Association as well as personal email inboxes with many more continuing to arrive. Late last night I was advised by our Executive Officer, Dr. James Evans we received over tens of thousands of social media hits on Saturday. With this in mind, we intend on issuing a formal press release later this week.

I believe I am speaking on behalf of our Association Executive when I thank you for those wonderful messages. It’s clear you believe and are concerned wrong and inaccurate accusations have been made.

Although I personally have not witnessed any acts of racism during my uniform service I cannot by any means deny they have not occurred, albeit in isolated circumstances. It simply is not a common occurrence and to even suggest it’s a Force wide issue is not supportable.

I have received so many messages in which contained a variety of definitions for the word “Systemic”, but regardless, I fear the public is not concerned with the word or definition. Rather, they may now believe the RCMP is a racist organization, which is incorrect and this places our serving brothers and sisters in jeopardy.

If any group of people or an individual believe they have a history of abuse by the RCMP, then the statements by senior government officials could cause increased violent reactions towards an approaching or arresting police officer. This may already be happening and I fear more situations could take place where our officers will be forced to take an increased level of preventative and protective responses.

It is so important we support our brothers and sisters who work tirelessly to make this country and its communities safe. We once walked beside them and now we must walk with them in spirit. We were there and were asked to do things nobody should ever be asked to do and we’ve seen things nobody should ever have to see. That hasn’t changed and will never change. They need our support.

Thank you for being a part of this very important Veterans Association. We can help.

A.P. (Sandy) Glenn, President
RCMP Veterans Association
Veterans Helping Veterans

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