50th Anniversary Memorial Service For Constable Terry Tomfohr

Photograph of Constable Terry Tomfohr (Reg. #25214) of Burnaby RCMP Detachment.




June 3, 2017 is the 50th anniversary of the death of RCMP Constable Terry E. Tomfohr (Reg. #25214).







Constables Robert Yakubchuk and Terry Tomfohr responded to a complaint of youths tormenting a neighbour in the Capital Hill area of Burnaby BC.  In the dark and with out a flashlight, Constable Tomfohr was in pursuit of the youths when he accidentally fell off a cliff and to his death.

The tragic incident occurred only three weeks after Constable Tomfohr had graduated from the RCMP “Depot” Division in Regina and young Terry was only 19 years of age.  The last remains of Constable Tomfuhr were laid to rest at Milk River Alberta. Terry was member with the least service in the Force to be killed on duty,.

Photograph of the bronze plaque in honour of Constable Terry Tomfohr (Source of photo - Sheldon Boles).

Photograph of the bronze plaque  on the Burnaby Detachment’s monument in honour of Constable Terry Tomfohr (Source of photo – Sheldon Boles).

In 2002, the City of Burnaby and the RCMP Detachment coordinated the construction of a monument in honour of  Constable Tomfuhr and this monument is now situated outside the front entrance of Burnaby Detachment.

For this year’s 50th anniversary, members of Burnaby RCMP Detachment, RCMP Veterans Association, Burnaby City Council, Burnaby Fire Department and guests came together for a memorial service to honour Constable Tomfohr.

Two members of Burnaby Detachment stood as honour guards at Constable Tomfohr’s monument for this years memorial service.

Photograph of the two Burnaby Detachment members standing in memory for Constable TerryTomfohr at the Detachment’s memorial.

Many members and employees of Burnaby Detachment were in attendance.

Photograph of currently serving members of RCMP Burnaby Detachment present for the service.  Veterans Meet Rowden and Al Lund were serving the night that Terry Tomfohr.  Mrs. Delaris Jackson – in red jacket (previous Detachment Traffic Section secretary was at the Detachment when Terry went missing).  They were a part of the search party looking for Constable Tomfohr.

Several RCMP Veterans who had previously served at Burnaby Detachment were also in attendance: Veterans Mert Rowden, Al Lund and Sheldon Boles.  Other Veterans in attendance were: Norv Lipsett, Daryl Singer and Keith Leishman.

It is worth noting that Veterans Meet Rowden and Al Lund were both working on the night that Constable Terry Thomfohr went missing and were a part of the search party.   Veteran Norv Lipsett was a troop mate of Constable Tomfohr and has been had many memorial services for his troop mate.   Delaris Jackson was also in attendance and she was the Detachment’s Traffic Secretary at the time Constable Thomfohr served at the Detachment.

Photograph of RCMP Veterans in attendance for the service. Left to Right: Veteran s Daryl Singer, Norv Lipsett (RCMP Troopmate to Cut. TerryTomfohr); Keith Leishman and RCMP Chaplain Jim Turner.

RCMP Chaplain Jim Turner  conducted the memorial service.  Jim had previously conducted all the previous memorial services for Constable Tomfohr since 2002.

S/S/Major John Buis of Burnaby Detachment coordinated the entire service on behalf of the Officer Commanding Burnaby Detachment.

Photograph of (left to right) C/Supt. Stephan Drolet, “E” Division Sergeant Major Mike Procyk, RCMP Chaplain Jim Turner and S/S/Major John Buis of Burnaby Detachment.

C/Supt. Stephan Drolet (Officer In Charge of Burnaby Detachment) provided to those in attendance the circumstances which lead up to the untimely death of Constable Terry Tomfohr.

Wreaths were laid in honour of Constable Terry Tomfohr.

Photograph of City of Burnaby’s acting Mayor Anne King lays a wreath at the base of the memorial for Constable Terry Tomfohr.

Photograph of C/Supt. Stephan Drolet laying the wreath at the base of the memorial for Constable Terry Tomfohr.

A moment of silence in remembrance was held for the memory of Constable Terry Tomfohr.

Photograph of the memorial for Constable Terry Tomfohr during the moment of silence in his honour.

After the wreaths were laid, the Canadian National Anthem was sung by all followed by a lament by two RCMP pipers.

Photograph of the two RCMP Pipers.

Burnaby RCMP Members salute in honour of  the service and sacrifice made by Constable Terry Thomfohr service to the citizens of Burnaby, BC.

Photograph of RCMP members, RCMP Veterans and representatives from the Burnaby City Council in attendance at this memorial service.

Despite the passing the time, the members and staff at the RCMP Burnaby Detachment continue to honour the memory of the late Constable Terry Thomfohr’s personal sacrifice in serving the citizens of Burnaby.