Membership Management Program


Membership Management Program

Dear Members of the Association,

Our work on the membership management project is continuing.

Given the rather large use of the online dues renewal system at this time of the year it has been suggested by our accountant, Brenda Picklyk that we delay implementation of the new system until the new year when the activity will have calmed down.

This will reduce the effects of any downtime and ensure the robustness of the new system.

Thus, the new system will not be deployed until January and the current system will remain in operation.

Some Divisions have asked about forwarding advance dues (prepayment of future years) received to the National Office and whether the current and future systems can deal with these prepayments.

Our contractor Signal Flare has offered the following observation, “I agree with the forwarding of all dues to the national body. I believe from an accounting perspective, it centralizes the funds and makes it easier for year end. The new system will take the input of the funds and apply them to the multiple years and is intelligent enough to only send communication when there are funds pending. Brenda has been sending us the renewals and new memberships and Signal Flare has been entering them into the new system. Once we go live the process will be automated for online payments. Cheques, as has been previously communicated will be entered manually. We are working with Brenda on the report contents and will be putting together a workflow for the divisions so they understand the process.”

James Forrest
Director of Communications



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