Lytton Fire Fund

As you are no doubt aware, tragedy struck Lytton in the form of a wildfire that destroyed most of the village.  Some of you may have been posted to Lytton Detachment.

For reference, Lytton Detachment consists of 5 regular members and 2 PSE’s. They lost 3 Force homes, and one PSE family home completely. There is significant damage from fire, smoke, water, etc to 2 other force homes.

RCMPVA Kamloops Division has taken the lead on managing a disaster relief fund for the members and PSEs to help their families with their immediate needs while insurance etc is worked out.  Vancouver Division will be making a donation to the fund.

If you wish to make a personal donation, it can be sent to the RCMPVA Kamloops Division Treasurer, Ken Parent, by e-transfer to or by cheque to Ken Parent, 2364 Dunrobin Place, Kamloops, BC, V1S 1W4.