Lytton, British Columbia Fires


Lytton, British Columbia

Dear Members,

A group of Association members has been working very hard to try and develop revenue sources for RCMP employees who lost their homes and possessions during the devasting fires that ravaged Lytton, British Columba.

One of the major coordinators for this project is our Association Chief Advocate, Mike Duffy.

While there are a great number of messages that have gone back and forth one that Mike authored lays out the procedures for donating to the cause to support the employees affected by the fires.

President Glenn has asked that the entire Association be made aware of Mike and his colleagues extraordinary efforts and what you can do to help out. Mike’s message follows.

James Forrest
Director of Communications

What follows is a string of messages concerning efforts being spearheaded by the RCMP Veterans’ Association (RCMPVA) Kamloops and Staff Sergeant Major Shelley Wiltse (E Division) to get financial assistance into the hands of the RCMP Members, Public Service Employee and their families – as the serving members and PSEs still have to work.

The initial string pointed out that the RCMPVA Kamloops has set up an Account to collect and distribute funds. HOWEVER, after some research it was learned that assistance may also be provided by making contributions through the RCMP Veterans’ Association Foundation. Contributors using this method will also get the contributor a Tax Receipt.

Information about the RCMPVA Foundation may be found on the Website provided by Bruce Allen, President of Edmonton – noted further below:

I just made a contribution via Interac eTransfer to: – this Email Address is set up for Auto Deposit, so a Security Question is not required. I noted that my Contribution was “For the Relief of RCMP Members PSEs and Families displaced by the Lytton Wildfire”.

Again, a Tax Receipt will be issued by contributing through the RCMPVA Foundation.

If you are able to assist, please read about the RCMPVA Foundation on the Website and follow through as noted below the Donations header near the bottom of the Page. Mike
From President Bruce Allen:

“I just spoke to Jerry Plastow who is a member of the RCMP Veterans’ Association Foundation committee.

I would like to support this worthy cause as I was directly involved in setting up the Fort McMurray wildfire fund.

Since that time the The RCMP Veterans’ Association Foundation was set up with an approved Charity Number for this sort of fund raising project. The account is set up and ready to go at any time, the name of the Fund only needs to be attached. Charity receipts will be issued when handled through this account.

The following web page provides all of the information concerning the Foundation.

I thought I would bring this information to your attention, as it is not well know that the Foundation exists.

Bruce Allen, President
Edmonton RCMP Veterans

And From SSM Wiltse

From: Wiltse, Shelley

Sent: July 9, 2021 1:00 PM

Subject: FW: Lytton Fire Members & PSE Fund

Hi John,

Thank you again for your eagerness to assist! Our members, current and ex, never cease to amaze me J

The Kamloops Division has set up an account for donations. Ken Parent is their treasurer.

Donations can be sent to the Kamloops Division Treasurer, Ken Parent, by etransfer to or by cheque to Ken Parent, 2364 Dunrobin Place, Kamloops, BC, V1S 1W4.

For reference, Lytton detachment consists of 5 regular members and 2 PSE’s. They lost 3 Force homes, and one PSE family home completely. There is significant damage from fire, smoke, water, etc to 2 other force homes. At this time we are hoping to fundraise to help their families with their immediate needs while insurance etc is worked out.

Thank you for sending this out.


Shelley Wiltse
Staff Sergeant Major – Sergent major d’état-major
South East District
Desk: (250) 491-2349
Cell: (604) 306-1832
170-395 Penno Rd,
Kelowna, BC
V1X 7W5



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