Lytton, British Columbia Fires

Lytton, British Columbia

Dear Members,

A further addendum to our earlier message (which remains below).

Ken Parent advises that the Division cannot issue receipts for donations that are received.

If you are going to donate please send it to Ken’s email address   the etransfer system will not accept his hotmail address.

James Forrest
Director of Communications

Further to our earlier message  regarding donations we are now advised that the RCMPVA Foundation would prefer that all donations (Division and individual) be sent directly to Kamloops Division and not to the Foundation

Instructions for this have been provided by Kamloops Advocate, Bob Stephens as follows,

To answer your question, we have set up a separate account within our treasurers account and contributions are being sent by etransfer to Ken Parent at , cheques can be sent To Ken Parent, 2364 Dunrobin Place, Kamloops, BC V1S 1W1.

This was the quickest way we could go to get the funds out quickly to our unfortunate folks. Of course the account is closely monitored by the BOD Kamloops Division and we have full trust in Ken. We will be sending $1000.00 to each of 9 folks affected by the fire beginning today We will send more as funds arrive .

Bob Stephens,
V/P & Advocate,
RCMPVA, Kamloops Division,
Kamloops, BC

President Glenn has also provided the following information,

Folks, I want to provide you with more detail with respect to who we are attempting to fund, as it relates to the Lytton fires.

There are 5 Regular Members affected; 2 Public Service Employees; 1 RCMP Veteran; and 1 RCMP Veteran’s widow.

All have lost their residences and contents, and have only their clothing and other personal possessions they could gather together during the short period of time they had to evacuate. From what I have been told, the Regular Members occupied Force housing in Lytton, and they and their families are now currently being accommodated in RCMP barracks in Chilliwack.

They have been granted special leave; and are currently on family relocation expenses. At this point in time, I am not sure how the PSEs are being accommodated. The Veteran’s widow is now living temporarily with her daughter in Vancouver. The RCMP Veteran and his family have temporary accommodations elsewhere. Like the others, they have lost all their possessions.

A.P. (Sandy) Glenn, National President
RCMP Veterans Association
Members Helping Members and Their Families

James Forrest
Director of Communications



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