Love Story: He Is A Hero And She Is An Angel

Photograph of US Veteran Taylor Morris and his wife




Veteran Shirley Hall forwarded to us the remarkable love story.

In the movies, military conflicts are glamorized and far too often the downside of these conflicts is understated.




Patriotic men and women volunteer for military service not expecting to consequences of conflict.

The following news story and videos demonstrate the commitment and support of a loving relationship despite the unsurmountable hardship.

We salute the bravery and unstoppable determination of Taylor Morris and his wife Danielle Kelly.

Taylor Morris, Quadruple Amputee, Dances With Girlfriend Danielle Kelly – Taylor Morris and Danielle Kelly’s love story is a captivating one: Morris was hit by an explosive device while serving in Afghanistan and became one of the few surviving quadruple amputees, but that didn’t stop him from dancing at a recent wedding with the girlfriend who has stayed by his side throughout his recovery, 9 News MSN reports.

Morris, 23, is an Navy EOD tech — or Explosive Ordinance Disposal tech — from Iowa who was injured in action last May after stepping on an IED. He lost both of his legs, his left arm from the bicep down, and his right hand.

“I don’t think a second of that day will ever fade from my memory,” Kelly told the Cedar Falls Patch back in July. “I try not to think back on that day, because it brings back all the raw feelings. Instead, we are looking forward.” Read more about this story….


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