Popular Vet Websites

Photograph of RCMP Veterans' wedge cap and white gloves




In retirement, RCMP Veterans have popular or frequent websites that they visit to address questions, concerns, or general information.  These websites/contact numbers are listed below:




Canada Pension Plan – Survivor Benefits – they can be contacted at 1-800-277-9144.

Canada Revenue Agency – this website contains a wide range of material ranging from forms to updates.

Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP – National Intake Office P.O. Box 88689 SURREY, BC V3W 0X1 Phone: 1-800-665-6878

Federal Superannuates National Association – 1-877-251-1771

International Police Association (IPA) The IPA is a sister Association to our RCMP Veterans’ Association and has many benefits.

Johnson Inc. provides home and auto insurance to RCMP Veterans with a sizeable discount.  1-866-799-0000

Medoc Travel Insurance  If you are traveling outside of Canada, you are encouraged to purchase additional travel insurance.  1-800-709-3420

Passport Canada – this website contains all the information you will need to obtain and renew your Canadian Passport.

Pensioners’ Dental Care Plan – 1-888-757-7427

Public Service Pension Centre – 1-800-561-7930

RCMP Benefits (Morneau Sobeco)  Contact telephone numbers 1800-661-7595.  Click here to access the login screen.

RCMPVets Net was developed and maintained by Veteran Jim Forsyth.  This is popular website for RCMP Veterans and contains a wide range of information.  Password is required and can be obtained by going to this his sign-up page.  Donation is appreciated to keep his website.

Seniors Canada website contains information information for seniors.

Sun Life Assurance  – 1-888-757-7427

Travel Warnings – this website is the Canadian External Affairs website and is updated frequently.  When planning a trip it is advisable to visit this website.

The Public Service Health Care Plan – this website contains a listing of all changes and updates for this plan.

RCMP Veteran Jane Hall‘s website The Red Wall is focused on female police officers from around the world.  Visit her website