It’s a Family Affair!

Since the early days of North West Mounted Police family members have joined the Force.  Many brothers joined together and as time went by sons of NWMP members joined and that tradition has gone on to this day. 

In the 1970s, serving and retired family members of recruits in training were able to present their son with his badge when it was formally presented after the graduating troop’s final drill display.  Badge presentations were later extended to family members of other police services.  In March 1975 the first women graduated and badge presentations now include men and women.

One of our Vancouver Division members recently attended his daughter’s graduation from “Depot” Division.  John Schneider, Regimental # 30678, who joined the RCMP 1973-07-06 and retired 2003-07-06, as a Staff Sergeant, was a proud dad when he presented his daughter, Constable Joelle Kerridge, Regimental # 66163, her badge.  Constable Kerridge was a member of Troop # 6, May 13, 2019 and graduated on Nov. 11, 2019.   That is date that will never be forgotten by her.  Her first posting after “Depot” will be Burnaby Detachment. 

John Schneider presents his daughter Joelle with her badge. 

It doesn’t matter if your son or daughter carry a badge, wear body armour and carry a gun or Taser …. they are still your kids!

John and Joelle can proudly wear the Generational Insignia representing two generations of members of the RCMP.

Graduating from the Cadet Training Program at “Depot” is one of those uniquely Canadian events.  A very proud moment for Joelle, John and family members as they celebrate along with her troop mates and their families in the Drill Hall.