Friends Of The Mounted Police Heritage Centre

Photograph of Sam Steele's belt and red tunic which is on display at the RCMP Heritage Centre in Regina


Regardless on where a current RCMP member or RCMP Veteran came from or where they ended up serving, they all have one thing in common.  They all completed the basic training at “Depot” Division in Regina – home of the RCMP.

This tradition has continued endlessly since “Depot” Division was established in 1882.  While in the Force or in retirement, RCMP members have on occasion drifted back to “Depot” to recall old memories.



In returning to “Depot” RCMP members and Veterans usually make a point to visit key locations:

– Drill Hall

– Parade ground infront of “A” Block

– The Cenotaph

– Mess Hall

– The RCMP Museum – renamed “The RCMP Heritage Centre

An excellent book which illustrates and tells the history of “Depot” Division was written by  Dale Sheehan and Redd Oosten entitled “Behind The Badge: The History Of The Royal Canadian Mounted Police “Depot” Division.” The book can be ordered from most leading book retail outlines.

Photograph of the book entitled "Behind The Badge"

The RCMP Heritage Centre contains a treasure of artifacts recording and historical accounts of the past dedication and service of Force members.

For those who are not aware, the RCMP Heritage Centre is an independent non-profit charitable organization that showcases the history of the RCMP and the settlement of Western Canada.   The popularity and success of the Heritage Centre hinges on the contributions of individuals and groups.

The Friends of the Mounted Police Heritage Centre is a non-profit organization committed to supporting the RCMP Heritage Centre through volunteer and monetary support.   Its membership consists of: RCMP members, RCMP Veterans, families, friends and supporters of the police community.  

Throughout the year, the Friends of the Mounted Police Heritage Centre publish their Friendly Notes newsletter and distributes this newsletter to members of their group.  These newsletters contain updates on activities at the Heritage Centre and historical information/photographs.

The Spring 2013 Issue is illustrated below:

 Photograph of the Spring 2013 newsletter of the Friends of the RCMP Heritage Centre


If you are interesting in becoming a member of the Friends RCMP Heritage Centre, check out their application form.

Finally, we encourage you to visit the RCMP Heritage Centre online and check out their various initiatives.

Photograph of the RCMP "Depot" Division Drill Hall in Regina, Saskatchewan

Photograph of the RCMP “Depot” Division Drill Hall in Regina, Saskatchewan